Emotional regulation and its relation to Self- Esteem in University Students

  • Othman Fawzi Ali University of Tikrit College of Education for Humanities
  • Mohammed Khalaf Saleh University of Tikrit College of Education for Humanities



Praise be to God, who guided me in choosing the subject of this research, which is entitled "scientific wisdom in the prohibition of dead meat, pork and wild birds," this important subject in the Islamic law, Islam has taken care of human food of great interest, and took care of all its details and parts.

   And among the forbidden foods harmful to the flesh of the dead and the pig and the meat of the prey, which is the search for a statement of its impact on everyone who deals with it, and a statement to approve the modern science of the Koran and the Sunnah purified by 1439 years, The importance of the subject is to show the greatness of the Islamic religion by stating that all that came in modern science does not deviate from what was stated in the Koran and the Sunnah of the legislation, which is the prohibition of dead and pork and meat, one of them, which has a great impact in defense and libel attributed to And the great influence in persuading non-Muslims and calling them to believe and believe in the provisions of Islam, as well as its importance in enhancing the confidence of Muslims in their religion and their great legitimacy

I have divided my research into three demands, where th


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*quirement is: dead, evidence of its prohibition, and scientific wisdom in its prohibition. As for the second requirement: it was about pork, evidence of its prohibition, scientific wisdom in its prohibition, and finally the third requirement: And I concluded my research with a conclusion that included the most important results that I have reached through my studies, followed by margins, sources and references, and a summary in Arabic and English.

Mar 31, 2019
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