Symbol indication in (attempt to invent a cloud) of the poet

  • Ibrahim Mustafa al-Hamad University of Tikrit College of Education for Humanities
  • Saad Abdul Latif Jaddou University of Tikrit College of Education for Humanities


Communication is usually achieved by saying, through texts that are a series of statements linked to coherent relationships that express direct or indirect connotations, may be literal, may be an emotional and emotive perception, and the symbol has a double semantic structure, the significance of which collide with two dilemmas that make The direct proximity to its significance is difficult, first of all that the symbol belongs to very numerous search fields; ((it belongs to psychological analysis and dreams, and cultural subjects with prejudice to deep psychological conflicts)), and second: the symbol is a concept combining two or two dimensions of speech, one is linguistic and the other is about the rank Non-linguistic, so we can say about the symbol that it is a double meaning, or it has the meanings of the first and second () and gives us the relationship between the literal meaning and the metaphorical meaning in the poetic operative is an appropriate guide that allows us to correctly determine the semantic features of the symbol, these attributes are the one that connects the image of each symbol with its  The symbol unit, though dispersed in multiple places where it pops up or appears.© 2018 JTUH, College of Education for Human Sciences, Tikrit University

Mar 31, 2019
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MUSTAFA AL-HAMAD, Ibrahim; ABDUL LATIF JADDOU, Saad. Symbol indication in (attempt to invent a cloud) of the poet. Journal of Tikrit university for humanities - مجلة جامعة تكريت للعلوم الانسانية, [S.l.], v. 25, n. 1, p. 552-579, mar. 2019. ISSN 1817-6798. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 20 july 2019. doi: