Ruling on female circumcision in Islamic law

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  • D. Imran Hassan


Much talk lately about this topic as a sensitive topic, the jurists (May God have mercy on them) have spoken about Female circumcision, the Medicine intervene as a separator in this matter, and i tried as possible I can Looking for the original of the issue and what it Mired from mystery, and I looked long in the Jurists' views ,I found that they had been  research in this topic so much, the summary of what the  jurists have reached to is that the Female circumcision had An actual from era of the Prophet(Peace be upon him), but it is different from the present day, also the medicine set posting and the basics of female circumcision so It was necessary for us, to convey a clear image without mystery, to avoid problem to the reader, so this research was as Lay the foundations and controls of  Female circumcision Also I tried to discuss the evidence in a scientific manner, without override one of the scientists, so this this research was the returns of this work.


Apr 7, 2019
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