The title lattice in the novel (Lolita's fingers) and lasini lament

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  • D. Arshad Abbas


        This research tries in its analyzing to the structure of the title to get into the field of poetry as an aim to catch the meanings of secrets and constructions which be revealed at the structure of the title as a new formula and features of special references that wake up some meanings that achieve the beauty of the title. Because it works to activate the reading activity after it inspired the reader to read more and more. As the title makes a choosing operation inside the language and considering it as a linguistic institution that shows the explanation levels and their developing formula and the semantic and analytic construction as unlike before. This thing makes the reader to check and explain all the details precisely to make the poetic image prominent that is considered a great event and a new revealing in the world of title to describe a new movement according to language. As a result the title became an important part of the writer’s creativity. As it is known, creativity doesn’t stop on the limits of one picture but it develops and changes due to the developments that take place according to the experience of the writer. And the title is a work of a special creativity of the writer represents the techniques of the language.    


Apr 7, 2019
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