Careers of The Poetic Image In A'alam Malqa's Book Eulogy Is Model

  • Jum'a Yousef
  • Raad Muhammed


It is noted on the eulogy in “A'alam Malqa's book” that the eulogy poem been long ranges and it starts with mentioning the beloved or praising her introduction or free  introduction of that restrictions to free the environment that the poet lived in and I found in myself the desire of explain and clarification because it is one of the most important careers of the poetic image and it was known that the eulogy is a clear  poem that is shown been found in the Arabian poem from its beginning. Ibn Tabataba (322 A.H.) identified the human virtues that the Arabs found praising the poetry. He said: As for what I found in her morals, she was praised and praised by others, and the one who was against her condition was put to death. most of them were famous like morality, beauty, The truth, the truthfulness, the conviction, the jealousy, the truthfulness, the patience, the shield, the thanksgiving, the moderation, the forgivness, the justice, the charity, the connection of the womb, the silence of the secret, , Divination, savvy, elitism, humility, statement,, , experiments, negation, and conclusion "

Jun 29, 2019
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