The educational and humanitarian identity of the martyr in the works of the artist Haidar Khaled

  • Amer Obaid Al-Salami


 Since the identity is defined as a set of social and human components that indicate the individuals within their community and give them the status of distinguishing them from others, and since the certificate has received a special status and has two main characteristics are heroism and sacrifice, which means sacrificed of his will and desire for the sake of God and the homeland and duty, The certificate is often carried by two dimensions: the religious dimension and the political dimension. We were free to take the certificate in its artistic dimension and to highlight the human and educational identity of the testimony for the purpose of obtaining a sound understanding and realizing the cognitive structure of the aesthetic theory in the work of the artist Haidar Khaled The humanistic and educational concept of the certificate in his art works will consist of four chapters. The first chapter will include the methodological framework and will include the research problem, its importance and its objective. The current research aims to identify the human and educational identity of the artist, The second chapter will be devoted to the theoretical framework, which includes two sections, the first dealing with the educational identity of the testimony, and the second, the human identity of the testimony. The third chapter will discuss the research methodology and procedures in terms of the research community and the sample adopted by the researcher. Chapter IV will discuss the presentation of the results and their interpretation, conclusions and recommendations.

Jun 29, 2019
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